What do men want from marriage?

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Marriage is something that creates an engagement between two people for an unlimited tract. The role of men in marriage is often misunderstood, as are their points of view. In other words, men want the same things from marriage, as women.



Men often are being criticized that they don’t talk enough with their wives. Actually, the lack of communication between the partners is the most often postulate for divorces. The consequences from this lack of communication usually sound like “I don’t know what he is thinking” and then it leads to “I don’t know what he wants”, because he does not know how to answer me what he wants from our marriage.


Wrong perceptions

Naturally, men are simple creatures. Their needs are based on conveniences and pleasure, while women are more caring and willing to ignore their needs for others. This seems really hard to do for women. The truth is that that men want their wives to be happy, healthy and loving as… as you could figure it out – their mother. The theory that everything is a matter of sex is not always right. Even though that there are some exceptions to this rule, the mother is the role model and men usually unwittingly choose the most appropriate woman for them by this model. That is why men beforehand have the idea of the perfect woman for them and the mother of their children.


Theories / speculations

Men want a woman who has their mother’s qualities, but they do not want a second mother in their lives. When a wife starts acting like a superior post in marriage, things usually start being destroyed. And here is why communication in the marriage is really important. The confusion leads to too many misunderstandings and doubts, which are usually untrue. Trust is very easily destroyed and it is also the main postulate for divorces. Don’t forget that infidelity is pushed from an already broken trust between couples. All married couples want the trust in the family to be proven from time to time in order for them to feel comfortable and happy.



You always have to be sincere about your needs. Don’t expect someone to guess what you need. This is also a way to have a conversation with your partner. If you have a hard time dealing with your problems, you could consult a specialist who could help you clear things between you.



You have all heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This means that they don’t have a lot in common. Well, this is not fully true. Both men and women are humans. Humans have many common needs. They are emotional, they depend from each other, they need each other to be complete and of course they want the same things from marriage. Security, a friend in life, trust, passion, respect – all these things are the key ingredients for the perfect marriage. Men want such marriage as much as women do!

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