What should we avoid doing in the week before the wedding?

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Don’t let these mistakes ruin the most important day of your life!


Only a few days before the wedding and we already have a huge list of things to do. This is the time when you must not improvise with your appearance.

 Here are the things you should avoid during the week before the wedding:

Coloring your hair. Even if your hairstylist insists on coloring it, you should avoid making any massive changes in your hair color. You risk getting an awful new color or a color which doesn’t go well with your skin tan.

Cutting your hair drastically. A bride should have a long hair! Do not believe it when somebody tells you that the décolletage will look better if you make your hair shorter. If you decide to cut your hair so soon before the wedding, you might get nothing more than stress.

Drinking too much alcohol. A few sips are allowed, but more might affect your weight and I’m sure that you don’t want to gain weight the week before the wedding day. If you go to extremes with the alcohol, you might start feeling bloated, you might get gas and digestion problems while you are trying to say “yes” before the register. Furthermore, alcohol dilates the blood vessels and you don’t want to be a bride with a red face, do you?

To start a new training program. Keep on with your routine training. This is not the time for new moves which might lead to stiffness or even injuries.

Getting a fake tan. The immediate tan from a spray-cabin might be a good option for your budget and for a quick, harmless browning, but you could get disappointed from the final effect. You don’t want your tan to go awful with your wedding dress.

Going on a diet. Do not forget that food is the organism’s fuel. Right now, you need calories that could keep you on the alert for everything about the wedding. Now is not the right moment to starve, because in this way you won’t have enough energy for the important occasion and you might get very nervous. Eat balanced food and include more vegetables and fruits to your meal. Drink a lot of water.

Getting a skin peeling. The skin peeling (microdermabrasion) promises a silk soft skin, but you should have done it a long time ago. Some women get erythematous after such a procedure. It is best if you don’t put yourself through such beautifying procedures before the wedding.

Changing the cosmetics that you use. Do not change the products that you use on your skin. Don’t experiment with new cosmetics right now. It might occur that you are allergic to some of them.

Do not go to bed later than you used to. You need a lot of sleep before the wedding day. The lack of sleep might lead to a virus infection and I’m sure you don’t want to be ill on your wedding. Furthermore, you don’t want to be a bride who has dark circles under her eyes.

Do not go to extremes with the caffeine. Avoid drinks that contain too much caffeine, because they might make you nervous and right now you don’t need any more stress. Caffeine dehydrates the skin and this might affect it in a very bad way.

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