Why do women always reproach?

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Women think that they only remind their husbands to do the necessary things like throwing the garbage, put the dirty socks in the laundry basket and fix the broken objects…

She knows that she is being annoying, but she thinks that if she keeps repeating all these things every day, then her husband might start listening…


Often, behind all the reproaching for the messy things, the unfixed devices, hides an appeal for help and recognition.


It is hard to deal with ordinary and trivial things from morning till evening. Everyone could clean the dust, do the vacuum cleaning and wash the dishes. But nowadays, women go to work and at the same time they have to be housewives. Well that is pretty stressful and saddling.

From her loving husband and children, the woman expects some appreciation of her efforts and she wants them to help her with all the work by such little things as putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket or washing the dishes from time to time. In this way, she might get the necessary time for taking care of herself and enjoy her life.

After all, nobody wants to live a life where nothing happens, except cooking, vacuum cleaning and other boring stuff.

Fixing devices, throwing the garbage and putting some things in order are all very boring things, but they are an opportunity for the man to show his wife that he is ready to help and that he appreciates all the efforts she makes all the time. This is a way for men to express their love and give some break to their wives.

Everybody enjoys and feels comfortable to sit on the sofa, read a newspaper or watch his favorite show on TV when he gets home after work. But, instead of having a break, women start doing the housework after they get home. The woman starts cooking dinner, serving it, washing the dishes, cleaning the house and so on… By helping his wife with all these things, a man shows her that he appreciates her efforts and that she deserves a rest too.


An advice for men:


Help your wives with the housework, no matter how boring and trivial it seems to you. No matter how tired you are, do not forget that your wife goes to work too.


Do not make her feel unnecessary and unappreciated by belittling her efforts. After all, she takes care not only for herself, but also for you.

If you show some appreciation of the things she does, you might eliminate most of the reproaching.

Handling some of the housework might free you some time which you could spend with your wife: go to dinner, go for a walk, watch your favorite show together or take a bath together…

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